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Ascension Lifts Ltd., Unit 22, Western Parkway Business Centre
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Passenger Lifts

Ascension Lifts supply and install a complete range of vertical transportation solutions in a wide variety of Specifications and finishes which can be customised to suit all our Clients requirements.

We supply and install Passenger Lifts/ Bed Passenger Lifts/Passenger Goods Lifts/Car Lifts with Capacities range from 3 person Passenger 225kg up to 4500Kg specialist size Passenger/ Goods Passenger/Car Lifts.

Options are available for all required configurations including Single Lifts, Duplex, Triplex and Four Car Group with Door openings on one, two or even three sides.

Ascension Lifts offer Bespoke Engineered solutions for lift installations in existing or new buildings where headroom, shaft size and pit depth are restricted or are of non-standard size. This is an area in which we excel and have extensive experience. Also, as an independent company, we have the freedom to work with the manufacturer we consider most suited to the requirements of the project.

Drive systems include Conventional Top Drive, Electric Motor Room Less Lifts and Hydraulic lifts.

Our range of MRL’s provides our clients with an excellent solution using the latest elevator technology with Machinery housed within the Lift shaft.

We also offer Hydraulic lift range which remain popular for both goods and passenger applications with pump rooms, which can be located at any floor requiring very little space and also Machine Room less version with Machinery Housed in a Self Contained Cabinet. Hydraulic lifts offer a cost effective solution when a smooth ride and reliability are required in low rise to medium rise buildings and particularly when there is a requirement to move very heavy loads.

All passenger lifts installed by Ascension Lifts are CE marked and are issued with a European Declaration of Conformity.

Passender Lift Finishes